29 April 2007

Easy HHK

Easy HHK parses a list of index words from the topic files found in an HTML help project. Parsing of the topic files can be filtered by optionally using a default list of exclusion words and or a secondary list of exclusion words.
Words can be moved from the parsed list to an exclusion list. Exclusion lists can also be edited using a built in exclusion list editor. The default exclude list can be maintained and optionally used.

Words that are typically not wanted in an index such as "the", "and", "is", "a", etc. that are in the default list will be excluded when the index in generated. Optional secondary exclude lists can be maintained for any help project. For example, the word "click" may occur many times as a verb and never as a noun in the help topic files. It may not be that useful to have the word "click" in the index.

The list of words parsed from the topic files can be exported to an ASCII text file for further review and spell checking. When the parsed list is ready, simply click the Build Index button to generate the hhk file to compile with the help project.

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