18 April 2007


The new version of iResize hosts the following new features:

-Image viewer so that now you can view the images you have chosen in greater detail.
-Mobile phones wallpapers automatic creation. The program is aware of many new mobile phones and you can add many more by yourself.
-Keep image format feature.
-Image rotation (90 clockwise, 90 counter-clockwise, Flip Horizontal, Flip Vertical)
-Resize Folder feature. Choose a folder and the way its images should be resized. Then this folder will be cloned, containing the resized images, named as destination folder.
-Drag & Drop images selection. Simply open the file explorer, choose the images you wish to resize and drag & drop them in the selected images list of iResize.
-Do not enlarge feature that will make sure that none of the selected images is going to be enlarged by accident.
-View resulting images at real time, as they are being processed.

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