12 April 2007

Microsoft Reader

Microsoft Reader is a Microsoft program for reading of e-books.

Microsoft Reader is available for download from Microsoft as a free program. It was originally released in August 2000. It is more useful on a Pocket PC, where it has been built into the ROM since Windows CE 3.0. Although some of the latest Windows Mobile Devices have not been bundled with it, it is still available to download for the Pocket PC. It uses Cleartype Technology for easy reading on small PDA screens. It displays books in the .LIT file format (The ".LIT" stands for "literature"). This format is based on Microsoft Compressed HTML Help format. These books can be purchased and downloaded from online stores, including Amazon.com.

Among the features of Microsoft Reader are highlighting and doodling/scribbling designed for quick note-taking, text notes and a search function. Other features also include finding the last page you were on, your most recent page and a library of all the e-books you own. Depending on the book, there can be a cover image and images throughout the book. The PC version has an optional plugin for text-to-speech, enabling your books to be read to you by the default text-to-speech (tts) engine.

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