23 April 2007

SpyPry AntiSpy

If your home was protected like your PC, would you be safe? According to the latest security reports, millions of PC users don't even know they are being threatened. If your home was being threatened, wouldn't you want to protect it? Your PC is no different. With so much personal information being stored and shared on your PC, you need to make sure that your stuff is locked down tight. Using SpyPry gives you the assurance that you and your information are safe. SpyPry uses the best available technology to bring block realtime threats, scan for spyware and protect you against future trespassers. Think of SpyPry as your 24 hour watchdog sniffing out unwanted intruders.

Spyware is a subtle, yet dangerous threat to you and your PC. Absolutely every piece of your whereabouts and whatabouts on the Internet can be monitored by the companies who intentionally install the spyware programs without your knowledge. You can also unintentionally download spyware that has been bundled with legitimate programs. Adverse effects caused by spyware and adware include PC slowdown and junk files, search results problems, browser changes and difficulties, annoying pop-up ads, and identity theft.

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