24 April 2007


What is weblin?
Weblin is our alter ego, our virtual presence on the internet. Weblin is what makes people visible on the internet. With weblin people who are on the same webpage can see and communicate with each other.

The idea
In the real world we see people whereever we go: at the bus stop, at school, in the office, in the shopping mall, at the gym. If we want, can contact them. When we are surfing the Web, there are many others on the same website at the same time. Unfortunately they have been invisible until now. Weblin give us the opportunity to make ourselves and others visible even beyond single web sites.

The background
With Web 2.0 applications like blogs, social software and many others, the Internet has become more alive for its users. Weblin helps people to improve their virtual lives. Weblin enables people to secure their presence on the web. On any site, at any time.

Getting to know you...
It doesn’t matter what you are doing on the internet, with weblin you’ll meet others who are browsing the same page at the same time. People who have the same interests as you and who can give you new impulses, whether they are from your neighbourhood or from the other side of the globe. With weblin you can meet new friends easily by chance. You can find kindred spirits. You can chat and surf the web together, arrange meetings - whatever is fun. Not just on one website, but across the Internet! The Internet is gigantic. Weblin brings it to life. No more lonesome wandering across the world, now you will meet people wherever you go.

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