04 May 2007


CSS-BuMa is a program to create pure Cascading Style Sheet Buttons.

CSS buttons are much more efficient than image-based buttons, because they are text-based.
There are many sites on Internet to create them online, but with CSS-BuMa you can do it offline and you can save your work.

All the parts of the buttons are configurable like the:
font: color, type, letterspacing and weigth;
borders: color, style, width (to create bevelled-edge effect);
images for up, down and visted buttons.

All these settings are different for: Link, Hover and Visited.

CSS-BuMa enables you to create CSS buttons without the need to write any CSS or HTML code, because CSS-BuMa generates the code and is simple to insert in your pages.

CSS-BuMa stands for Cascading Style Sheets Button Maker.

CSS-BuMa runs under Windows 98SE, XP and 2000, under Windows Vista I don't know.

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