02 May 2007

Fast Defrag Freeware

Fast Defrag ® is a tool that can free and optimize RAM (Random Access Memory) and the swap-file usage. It features a very powerful engine and uses very low system resources (less than 1%).
The purpose of this program is to increase the stability and speed of your computer by preventing the operating system slowness as time passes. The AMS Genuine Engine will rearrange the information from memory so that the programs will work and run faster and will release all the misused memory.

FAST Defrag contains a Memory Guardian that will keep the system working in optimum efficiency for a long time. Fast Defrag releases the same amount of memory up to 3 times faster than the competition, depending on the speed of your machine and the installed physical memory.

Fast Defrag contains a Task Manager that will show all running processes, similar to the one from Windows XP. Using this tool you may keep the memory clean by removing unwanted applications.

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