02 May 2007

MP3 EZlib

EZlib is a Free MP3 Music Library and Playlist Manager Features:

(1) 14-field Custom-Query to create a Working List
(2) Single and mass ID3v2 Tag Update
(3) Four user-defined, Custom ID3v2 tag fields
(4) Four user-defined Music Rating Fields plus TempoG
(5) Playlist creation and maintenance
(6) Playlist Tweaking at runtime (on-the-fly)
(7) Search inside your Lyrics & Comments ID3v2 tag fields
(8) Rename music files to match ID3v2 tag fields
(9) Rename music files with a numeric prefix for CD writing in playlist order
(10) Print Duplicate Titles List
(11) Print Unique Artists List
(12) Print: Working List, Playlists, Lyrics
(13) Built-in, high quality MP3 player
(14) Written in Assembly Language for speed ...

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