21 May 2007

Zirconia 2

Zirconia 2: Battle is a 2D shooter in which you battle a computer opponent indirectly. The screen will be split: with you on the left side and your opponent on the right. When the match begins, enemies which do nothing (except move) will spawn. Players must defeat these enemies and collect coins that they drop, of three different colors. You (and your opponent!) have a hand of up to 3 cards at a time which, when used, will have varying effects. You must have the appropriate amount of coins in order to play a card. There are many different strategies you can use here. For instance, a card could:
  • spawn enemies onto your opponent's side and possibly overwhelm him
  • send a lazer beam down their side of the screen
  • give a negative or positive status ailment, like dizzyness or berzerk
  • set up a defensive structure to block incoming enemies

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